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Cracking Light Productions [VERIFIED]

Cracking Light Productions: A Creative Partnership for Climate Action

Cracking Light Productions is a creative partnership between Maeve Stone and Alex Gill, two filmmakers who share a passion for addressing climate challenges in an inclusive way. They make work that is creative, community-led, environmentally focused and builds resilience.

cracking light productions


Maeve Stone is a theatre maker, filmmaker and activist who is the lead artist for the Green Arts Department at Axis Ballymun and Artivist-in-residence at Project Arts Centre. She has worked on projects such as Climate Queens, a podcast that explores the intersection of climate change and social justice, and Greening the Beckett, a series of short films that reimagine Samuel Beckett's plays in a climate context.

Alex Gill is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with 15 years of experience. His work reimagines the form as a playful duet between subject and camera. He has directed films such as The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid, which tells the story of a farmer who resists a multinational corporation's attempt to take over his land, and The Burren: Heart of Stone, which explores the unique landscape and culture of the Burren region in Ireland.

Together, they formed Cracking Light Productions in January 2021 and have been working on projects that use storytelling to connect people to place, and to one another. They are available for short documentary projects or commercial videos, with discount rates for NGOs, charities and social enterprises whose work has an emphasis on climate and sustainability, inclusion and diversity, women's rights, or housing reform and innovation.

To learn more about their work or to contact them, visit their website at or their YouTube channel at of the current projects that Cracking Light Productions are working on include:

  • Greening the Beckett: Endgame, a short film that adapts Samuel Beckett's play Endgame to a post-apocalyptic scenario where climate change has rendered the world uninhabitable.

  • The People's Transition, a documentary series that follows the stories of communities in Ireland who are taking action to transition to a low-carbon and socially just society.

  • Wild Atlantic Women, a documentary film that celebrates the lives and achievements of women who live and work along the west coast of Ireland.

Cracking Light Productions are always looking for new collaborators and partners who share their vision and values. They believe that storytelling is a powerful tool for raising awareness, inspiring action and creating change. They invite anyone who is interested in their work to get in touch with them and join them in their mission to crack light into the world. 06063cd7f5


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