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Devon London
Devon London

The Texans uniforms have been mostly unchanged since their introduction as a Madden NFL 24 expansion team in 2002. There's nothing inherently wrong with the uniforms but they are an exceedingly boring uniform that does not really stir any emotions Mut 24 coins. The main issue is that they're way too similar to the design and color scheme and style of The New England Patriots, which isn't good when you're the team that is far more mediocre.

The fans have been waiting to see some more excitement from the Texans when it comes to their uniforms, and this could indicate they're heading in the right direction. The red chrome on the Battle Red helmets makes the team stand out and makes the steer's head pop off the helmet more.

New helmets are cool but they do not permit fans to buy in. I'm for the Texans changing to their ref chrome helmets at all times with a brand new look of their red alternate jersey becoming their new home uniform, with whites being the away. Also, honestly I'd love to see them drop the white helmet and switching to a light silver or grey to differentiate themselves further.

The laughter of the Panthers is the proper response after their lengthy fling with Baker Mayfield finally resulted in the trade. Carolina's hamfisted approach to their QB position seemed couched more around saving their egos instead of aiming to create sustained results, initially attempting to trade for Deshaun Watson and then being linked to all available QBs on the market before finally drafting Matt Corral.

There's something funny about a single team having the No. 1 and No. 3 picks of the 2018 Madden NFL 24 Draft, each of them quarterbacks. However, neither did as expected cheap madden 24 coins. Although trading for Mayfield now lacks foresight in the midst of the most lucrative QB draft in recent history However, there's one possibility where this could be a positive for the Panthers -- though it remains to be seen if Carolina has a plan.


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