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Infinitely Individual: The HALO rings. The ring's history and magic.

This design makes diamonds with high-carat appear more impressive and brings out additional "sparkling volume" for smaller stones. We are talking about the halo ring, which is the most well-known kind of engagement ring following the solitaire. Find out what makes the Halo Ring so special, what variations are available and why they are so popular.

Origin and Popularity: Hello, halo ring!

The word "halo" is of ancient Greek origin. The word halo (alos/alon-halos/halon) meaning "halo of lights", describes various phenomena that are reflected or surrounded by an object. The halo ring takes its name from this.

What is a Halo ring?

In the 1920s, during the height of Art Deco, halo rings were first prominently displayed.

The original halo ring features a brilliant or round-cut diamond in the center as well as a frame of small round diamonds. The reflection of the central stone makes it appear larger and more sparkling. The white gold band is polished to a high gloss, smooth or also set with clear diamonds. Even a quarter-carat ring looks more attractive, whereas multicarat rings are pure luxury. It is no wonder, then, that this style of ring is sought-after as an engagement ring. But there is a more important reason.

In the vibrant light halo

Even during the Art Deco era, numerous variations of the halo rings were created. You could start by creating the "halo", i.e. the frame. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and emeralds also were used. Stones cut in squares and round stones were very popular. And the central stone? This was sometimes replaced by an expertly executed pave i.e. A stone-tostone setting using many small diamonds of the same cut.

Even today, the vintage engagement rings from that time have inspired many couples and jewelers. Halo rings are popular engagement rings due to their infinite possibilities for customization.

Halo rings today

Halo designs of today could be inspired by Art Deco, replicas of the past or completely original. Anyone who wants to design their own own halo engagement ring has an abundance of options.

The main stone

What do you think of when you have your diamond? Real or synthetic, clear or colored What do you prefer? The options are endless, because colored stones look elegant when paired with a halo, whether a sapphire ruby, a tanzanite or an emerald. A diamond cluster with a pave-cut centre is also possible. With the pave option you can also obtain a large carat count at an affordable price.

The cut

The halo design is based on perfect symmetry, and both the rounded cut and brilliant cut are classics.

The princess cut is an excellent choice for Halo designs. Halo engagement rings are offered with a central stone cut in either emerald or oval.

The color of the halo... something that is a matter of individual preference. Tone-on-tone halos can be a possibility, as are strong or soft contrasts, like:

High-contrast - colorless diamond with an halo of rubies

Royal - central sapphire, with a halo of white diamonds

Tone-on tone - pink diamond with a halo of pink sapphires

When cutting the halo gemstones you can choose to cut them in square or round, depending on the desired effect.

The number of halos

The royals, VIPs and stars demonstrate how A single halo doesn't mean an end in itself. Double or triple halos of colored gemstones as well as diamonds are technically feasible as in the case that they are within the budget.

The Ring band

Should the halo band be made out of platinum or gold? With the ring band, you are able to indulge in even more design options.

The choice of precious metal, along with the style of the ring band (high gloss, matte, with or sans gemstones) is crucial. There are other practical reasons to select the metal color. A white band for a ring, for instance highlights the clear color (or the high transparency) of the main stone. Likewise, yellow gold is able to hide this defect by hiding pure diamonds.

A halo engagement is, of course be in harmony with the wedding rings or wedding bands.

Are Halo Rings the same as a Engagement Ring? The "Halo Engagement Ring" is not a formula. While it is widely used as an engagement ring, the halo ring is obviously a stunning piece of jewellery in its own right, suitable for countless occasions. As customizable as it is it is, the design of the halo ring could be more colorful and even more fun with semi-precious stones like peridots, topazes, morganites and even zirconia crystals could be a possibility.


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